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This describes the installation procedure roughly. On the formal installation manual, that is enclosed with the product, more detailed explanation is written without omitting any procedure, differently from this outline.

The procedures such as how to remove the meter unit from the vehicle, how to disassemble the meter unit, how to remove the needles, how to set the gauge faces, and how to reset and adjust the needle, are explained with the drawings on the formal installation manual. As for the procedures that are important or hard to understand just from the installation manual, we are planning to make a video.

It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete the installation if you follow the formal installation manual that is enclosed with the product.

The number of the following outline is corresponding to the photo number.

01. Remove the surrounding panel of the liquid crystal monitor.

02. It will be pulled out just by inserting a spatula into the slit.

03. Unscrew a bolt and detach the meter hood.

04. Remove the connector from the back of the meter unit, and detach the meter unit from the vehicle.

The following procedure is possible on the desk inside the house.

05. Remove the clear acrylic cover.

06. Remove the black resin bezel.

07. Remove all the needles. The clue of removing the needles will be described in the formal installation manual.

08. Remove the genuine gauge panel.

09. Install “illumination diffuser panel”, that is enclosed with the product.

10. Install the gauge panel of Indicator.

11. Install the metal panel. If you install the needle caps, do it at the same time in this procedure.

12. Return all the needles. How to adjust the needles is explained in the formal installation manual in detail.

13. Return the black resin bezel. If you install the metal rings, do it at the same time in this procedure.

14. Return the clear acrylic cover and go back to the vehicle.

15.Return the meter unit in the reverse procedure from 04 to 01.Return the meter unit in the reverse procedure from 04 to 01.